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The German-American Committee
of Greater New York

The German-American Committee of Greater New York is the umbrella organization that oversees the Steuben Parade. The Committee was founded in 1958 and is a non-for-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of New York.

The Committee is led by a board of three directors, currently including:

Michael J. Rabus, President
Robert Hugel, Treasurer
Frederick H.W. Hansen, Secretary

The Committee consists furthermore of 21 Directors who serve 3 year terms and represent organizations from the entire German-American community. The current roster includes:
Class of 2015: Lenny Coyne
Frederick H.W. Hansen
Thomas Hacker
Robert Hugel
Jens Riedel
Randall Ratje
Waldemar Stoppacher
Class of 2016: Eric Hoffmann
Joe Pfeifer
Steve Purk
Michael J. Rabus
Richard J. Rom
Herb Seeff
John Wellenreuther
Class of 2017: Rosemarie Bartzick
Heinz Buck
Nicole Radske-Miskiewicz
Robert Radske
Elke Rugen
Stefan Schwarze
Claus Suhr

The Committee further consists of regular members.
To apply for membership, please contact the secretary at membership@gacgny.org.

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German-American Steuben Parade Committee • P.O. Box 3386 • Church Street Station • New York, NY 10008 • Tel. 347-454-2269 • Email: info@germanparadenyc.org