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Operating Committees

The German-American Steuben Parade is run by a group of highly dedicated volunteers that work in committees with specialized tasks. They take care of the day-to-day business as well as the staging of the Steuben Parade in September.

Currently, the committees are:

Auditing Richard C. Devlin, CPA, PC
Thomas Hacker
Denise Lartin
Claus Suhr
Chance Books Anita Radske
Stephanie Messing
Church Service Bernard Dengler, Esq.
Capt. Joe Nolte, NYPD
City Hall Greeting Heinz Buck
Herb Seef
Cornflowers Nicole Radske-Miskiewicz
Floats Robert Radske
Doris Neugebauer
Friendship Month Lenny Coyne
Gala Nicole Radske Miskiewicz
Government Liaison Hon. Herbert W. Stupp
Hon. Brian G. Anderson
Grandstand Steve Purk
Groups from the US Stephanie Messing
Kathryn Jolowicz
Groups from Overseas Stephanie Messing
Line-Up Eric Hoffmann
Herb Seeff
Miss German-America Connie Rom
Music Joe Haneman
Oktoberfest Herb Seeff
Stefan Schwarze
Parade Commentators Herb Seeff
Lenny Coyne
Frederick H.W. Hansen
Kathie Jonke
Linda Schmidt
Connie Rom
Elaine Gehnich
Parade Journal Nicole Radske-Miskiewicz
Anita Radske
Heidi Goeb-Dowd
Photographers Robert Radske
Charles Ruppman
Public Relations Lenny Coyne
Mike Rabus
Schools Stephanie Messing
Security Capt. Joe Nolte, NYPD
Souvenirs Agnes & Max Kramer
Website Uli Mrose
Mark Ameres

German-American Steuben Parade Committee • P.O. Box 3386 • Church Street Station • New York, NY 10008 • Tel. 347-454-2269 • Email: info@germanparadenyc.org