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Honorary Directors

The German-American Steuben Parade has a Board of Honorary Directors. Nominations to the board are made by either the Steuben Parade Committee or the German-American Committee of Greater New York, the umbrella organization overseeing the parade. The German-American Committee is currently led by President Michael J. Rabus, Esq..

Former Grand Marshals are ex-officio members of the Board of Honorary Directors, whereas other members qualify due to distinct services to the German-American community in general and the Steuben Parade in particular.

Members of the Honorary Committee are: Lars Halter, Honorary General Chairman
William Handeler, Honororary Chairman †
William Hetzler, Honorary General Chairman

Carol Alt
Inge & Willi Benzenberg
Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg
Frank A. Bolz, Jr.
Samantha Brown
Heinz Buck
Theobald Dengler †
Christian Dinkelacker
Hon. Louis J. Freeh
Hon. Rudolph Giuliani
Col. Gail Halvorsen
Edith Handeler
Christian Haub
Heinz-Werner Heinrich
Werner Hiller
Richard Im
Hon. Dr. Henry Kissinger
Trude Klein
Hon. Ute W. Lally
Bill Leili
Congressman Michael McMahon
Ralf Möller
Duncan Niederauer
Hon. George E. Pataki
John Roland
Werner Roth
Lina Schmidt
Siegfried & Roy
Norbert Schramm
Horst Stabenow
George M. Steinbrenner, III †
Donald Trump
Mina Vogler
Nik Wallenda
Dr. Ruth Westheimer

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